Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Blogging in the age of the Podcast: Some video and audio


In the past few months I have done quite a few video lectures and guest spots on podcasts. I decided to post them here for anyone who might be interested, and, at least for a moment, to admit that blogging is increasingly archaic in an age of podcasts and youtube lectures. 

I gave a talk at the Subversive Festival in Zagreb. The talk is titled Negative Solidarity as Strategy: From Adaption to Transformation

Earlier in the month of May I traveled to a conference for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. I went to Brown's Cogut Center for the Humanities to present in the Capitalism and the Human conference. The video for that talk titled "The Work of the Human: Labor as the Constitution and Destitution of the Human" can be found here (be sure to check out the additional videos as well):

Earlier this week I was fortunate to appear on the Zerobooks podcast to talk with the Acid Horizon folks about Primitive Accumulation and my new book The Production of Subjectivity: Marx and Philosophy. The video of that can be found here:

Speaking of Acid Horizon. I was also a guest earlier on their podcast to talk about "The Great Resignation" and the Affective Composition of capital. The audio of that can be found here:


Earlier in March I did a little class with the Marxist Education Project on Marx and Spinoza. The video for that can be found here: 

Last but not least I was on Hotel Bar Sessions awhile ago to talk about Work, and Sorry to Bother You:

That is all for now. I now resume the antiquated print based mode of communication that is this blog's regular format. 

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