Monday, October 22, 2007

Lance Hahn, 1967-2007

In a few seconds of idly cruising the web I found out that Lance Hahn died. I have not listened to J Church or Cringer for a long while, and have not kept up with the latter's recordings. I have Quetzcoalt on tape somewhere and more than a half dozen or so 7-inches. The news still managed to hit me. I never saw the band live, never met Lance, and it many ways I have become increasingly distant from the whole thing. At the same time, however, I really connected to that music at a really formative of time of my life. The lyrics, songs, and voice really communicated the immediacy of a connection, it was the best of what now has been packaged as "emo." Plus you have to love all of the situationist references and Guy Debord quotes. I am going to listen to my copy of "She Said She Wouldn't Sacrifice" and Cringer's cover of that Thatcher on Acid song right now.

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Nate said...

Oh man that's really sad, I hadn't heard. I only saw J Church once, I think they opened for Fifteen. They were really good.

When I was 18 or so I used to play "why I liked bikini kill" really loudly in my headphones and feel angry at all the guy punk rockers I knew who acted like macho jerks at shows and who talked shit about riot grrrl; that song made it feel okay to feel like an outsider in this place that I went to because I didn't want to feel like an outsider.