Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Coming Soon: The Politics of Transindividuality

I have not had much time for blogging as of late as I complete the finishing touches, indexing, proofreading, etc., of The Politics of Transindividuality. 

This book has been previewed on this blog, and a look at the table of contents shows how many of the themes and ideas from this blog have made it onto the page. This blog has been the incubator for many of these ideas, ideas which take on a (hopefully) much more systematic and developed status in the book.

Introduction: Transindividuality (A Concept for Marxism)                                

Chapter 1
Transindividuality as Critique: Hegel, Spinoza, Marx                          

Excursus One                                                                                             
Transindividuality as Politics in the Thought of Etienne Balibar                   

Chapter 2
‘The Obscure Zone’: Individuating Simondon                                      

Excursus Two
Chapter 3
The Hidden Abode of Individuation: The Political Economy of Transindividuality in Stiegler and Virno            

Excursus Three      
The Noopolitics of Capital: Imitation and Invention in Maurizio Lazzarato  

Chapter 4
Short-Circuits: The Politics and Economics of Transindividuality    




And, yes, yes, the Brill books are expensive. They are meant for library orders. A softcover from Haymarket will come out next year.                                                                                      


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