Friday, February 19, 2010

Everything I Needed to Know About Capitalism I Learned from Watching Television: The Wire and Marx

I decided to post the audio of a talk that I recently gave on The Wire and Marx here:

The talk covers some of the same territory as a few previous blog posts as well as other writings, and was meant for a general audience of undergraduate students. It was meant as a public lecture and not reading of a prepared talk, so for better or worse I am pretty much just working from some notes. I ended up saying less about Marx than the title promised, and more about David Simon and Ed Burns particular critique of capitalism (as well as running some metaphors about chess and checkers into the ground).

The clips that I refer to can be found by following the following links: clip one, clip two, clip three, clip four, clip five, clip six, and clip seven (you can hear them on the audio file).

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