Saturday, December 13, 2008

Eternal Return

So I happened upon a folder of old drawings an cartoons that I did for my old zine. These drawings and cartoons are over fifteen years old. Two things come to mind: One that I am in many ways still pursuing the same critique of capital, in this blog and in my published writings. The references have become more extensive and sophisticated, but the basic themes remain the same: what is the "Manufactured Needs" about but the production of subjectivity and the commodification of existence? Second, that I should draw more, but perhaps not comics, which tended to descend into a didactic screed by the last panel.

As for the first point, I could feel bad about this, that I have never actually gotten anywhere, but i prefer to see it as fidelity to a fundamental idea. I have to, because the alternative is depressing.

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Nate said...

Whoa your drawings are really good. You should definitely draw more, and post them here.

I think I have a box of my zine stuff someplace, I should find it in case I ever need to feel mortified. As a general rule I try to maintain about a 6-24 month embarassament rule: anything older than that must be from a point in time when I had even dumber ideas.