Monday, March 16, 2020

Romero Prepared You for This: Lessons from the Dead Films for Getting Through a Pandemic

1. The television (and the internet) will always be on, filling up time. That is their job. It doesn't mean that you have to watch, or that the information will be useful.

2. The event does not effect everybody the same way. It will further exasperate existing inequalities. Or, to the extent that it does effect people the same way those who are used to power and deference will often be the most frustrated by their new experience of helplessness.

3. Find ways to enjoy yourself.  Treat yourself to something you always wanted (preferably by shopping online). This is also great time to take up a new hobby or to learn a new skill.

4. As dangerous as the event is, the real threat is still other people. Be wary of those who downplay the situation, or who are not being honest about what is happening.

5. The established institutions of authority and power are more interested in maintaining the existing order than offering meaningful assistance to those in need

6. At the same time this might be a good time to reassess people whose work you previously dismissed as unimportant. Look for solidarity in unexpected places.

7. It is foolish to hold out hope for a quick and easy scientific solution. That kind of research takes time.

8. There are people who have been waiting for this event their whole lives. Who would love to exploit the situation to their advantage. They must be fought.

Viewing guide: 1-2 Night of the Living Dead; 3-5 Dawn of the Dead; 6-8 Day of the Dead

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